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  • Maiju Rinne


    Maiju Rinne manages assignments for both corporate and private clients. She works in our Lappeenranta office.

    Maiju Rinne is on a workleave starting from 1.9.2023 until further notice.

    The assignments that Maiju Rinne manages for corporate clients are mainly related to labour law, contract law, and corporate dispute matters. She is also acquainted with the public procurement process. Her other areas of expertise include legal matters related to housing companies and agriculture, and bankruptcy and corporate restructuring proceedings.

    As regards private clients, Ms. Rinne specialises in family and succession law and disputes related to housing and real estate transactions.

    Ms. Rinne is a member of the Finnish Bar Association and acts as an assistant in judicial proceedings that concern disputes and crimes. Before arriving at Laine Nikkanen Luukko Attorneys Ltd, Ms. Rinne worked in the legal services department of a bank.

    Koulutus: Master of Laws, University of Turku 2015.
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