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  • Topi Ruotsalainen


    Topi Ruotsalainen assists our corporate clients. His special fields include technology and intellectual property rights.

    Topi Ruotsalainen assists Finnish and international companies in daily business law assignments, especially when they involve technology and intellectual property rights.

    Mr. Ruotsalainen has worked in the capital region for 18 years. He has extensive and diverse experience in the work of in-house counsel in small and large companies and in attorney at law firms that specialise in business law. Mr. Ruotsalainen also has experience in the production of outsourced legal department services in the technology sector and has also served as a vice president, legal, of a technology start-up company.

    Mr. Ruotsalainen also assists our private clients in assignments related to construction and real estate.

    In addition to Finnish, Mr. Ruotsalainen assists our clients in English, Swedish, and German. He has a highly business-oriented, solution-based and straightforward way of working.

    Koulutus: Master of Laws, University of Helsinki 2003.

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